Let's live our best lives
by tapping into our
human desire to play. 
We do this through a gamified platform
that unlocks employee motivation
using cutting-edge behavioural science
so that employees and organisations thrive. 


PentaQuest works with clients to address organisational cultural and performance challenges through the application of of sophisticated, intuitive, and elegant product and services.  

Our advantage over currently available solutions lies in our unique mix of skills and integrated methodologies.  You can think of us as organisational culture and performance change agents, where our tools are behavioural sciences, innovation, design thinking, and psychology applied through a gamification lens.


We provide bespoke and off-the-shelf gamified platforms in addition to consulting services, giving us the flexibility to apply our tools in solving a range of organisational performance and cultural challenges.  


We have a proven methodology and track record, with clients seeking our services through word-of-mouth and through our extensive existing networks.

We believe in gamification for good, and only work with companies and on challenges that make a meaningful and positive impact. Whether it be for employees, citizens, customers or students, we believe in using gamification to promote workplace culture, health and well-being, and better user experiences. 

Our Co-Founders
Kerstin Oberprieler
Co-Founder and
Chief Executive Officer

Kerstin is a leading gamification expert, having recently completed her PhD in gamification. She is a sought-after speaker and presenter in Australia and internationally. Prior to pursuing her passion for gamification, Kerstin worked as a design thinking consultant for 7 years, with a focus on strategic design, user research, and digital design. With her background in psychology and commerce, Kerstin has a deep understanding of organisational challenges and goals, and how these can be addressed through individual and team motivation.

Kerstin has also spoken on the TEDx stage about the power of gamification. 

Dr David Ireland
Co-Founder and 
Company director  

David has spent the last 15 years designing, building, and implementing 'things' that make a difference. Whether that was as a post doctoral scientist designing a new class of anti-cancer drugs, as an entrepreneur and investor taking a human centred design approach to various opportunities in the finance, energy, and digital sectors, or as a consultant  trying to tackle some of the world's biggest challenges, David aligns his time with people, organisations, and causes that share his purpose: to take the best of design led innovation, cutting edge technology, and behavioural sciences and apply those to solving problems and creating value.
David has also received numerous awards, including a Fulbright Fellowship and being listed as one of the world's top 50 most talented social entrepreneurs.


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