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We help organisations thrive
using cutting-edge behavioural science and gamification. 
Whether your transformation is focussed on employee engagement, learning and development, performance management, or aligning strategy with culture, 
we support you to make the change stick, be meaningful, and fun! 


PentaQuest is founded on the principle that work and high performance should be fun.

That’s why we specialise in gamification, using mechanics like rewards, a sense of progress, team goals, peer-to-peer recognition and more to bring a spirit of fun into team dynamics.


Employee engagement is key to a thriving organisation and healthy and happy people. Global workforce studies show that less than one third of employees are meaningfully engaged and that organisations, and companies with high employee engagement outperform those with low engagement by 202%.


By bringing a sense of positivity to individual and team performance, we aim to bring moments of delight and a sense of achievement to individuals, teams, whole organisations, and thereby the world!


We provide a highly customisable gamified platform in addition to consulting services, giving us the flexibility to apply our tools in solving a range of organisational performance and cultural challenges.  

We believe in gamification for good, and only work with companies and on challenges that make a meaningful and positive impact. Whether it be for employees, citizens, customers or students, we believe in using gamification to promote workplace culture, health and well-being, and better user experiences. 

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