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Becoming a PentaQuester means being part of something greater. 
We're on a mission to change the way people work.
We enhance engagement, performance, culture.
We build  sophisticated, intuitive and elegant gamified products. 

We're a dynamic, skilled, hard working, and multi-disciplinary ​team.
We're diverse, and that's part of what makes us great. 

We are all connected to and committed to the vision of using gamification to make the world a better place.

We live and breathe our approach and products.

We bring fun and play to work.

We only hire people who believe in gamification and are passionate about applying it to create engaging and delightful experiences for our clients and users. 

Our values 
Achieving our collective vision drives all of our actions. Everything we do is to maximise value for our users and make the world a better place by empowering them to do amazing work.
We focus on our users, the humans using our products and services. We are driven by giving them the best value and best experience we can.
We bring the fun. We embrace the silly. We live for joy. It’s our job to inject fun and delight into our team, our users and our products.
We use our powers of gamification for good, not evil. Our gamification experiences and products encourage and empower individuals and teams. Our work and business is environmentally and socially conscious.
We work hard to deliver value for our users. This means trying something out, failing, learning and trying again. This is how we innovate and delight. And we're always seeking new and better ways to use technology to nudge behaviour. 
We are in constant build mode. Our quest for awesome is never finished. Whether it’s our product, process, or people, we’re always hungry for better and for more.
What do you want to work on?
You bring expertise in gamification, psychology, behavioural economics, visual or UIUX design, or another field that helps us delight our users and achieve their team outcomes. 
You bring expertise in software engineering, front end dev, back end dev, security, integrations, AR/VR, and more. 
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Projects and client support
Your bring expertise in project management, sales, business development, client relationship building, or customer support. 
Ready to play?
We offer a variety of working arrangements, including:
Be part of this young and dynamic team by joining us for full-time or part-time employment. Ideally based in Canberra or Australia, but open to other arrangements. 
Contractor / partner
We're always on the lookout for great people and teams to be part of our broader team. Whether it's as a contractor, consultant, or to partner on client projects together, get in touch. 
Internship/work experience
We offer regular internships and work experience opportunities. Work on a meaningful project for 2 - 6 weeks and be part of the team. 
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