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Case studies 

Case study # 1

Australian Government department

Before PentaQuest:

Poor engagement with professional development and performance discussions

Learning and development activities were limited to mandatory activities and there was little engagement in with professional development. Performance conversations happened in a formal setting every 6 months but staff felt that these conversations were stressful and not meaningful. The performance process was largely manual and the staff experience was highly dependent on the manager.

After PentaQuest:

641% increase in learning and development completed in 6 months

We delivered a massive increase in the amount of learning and development activities being completed, which resulted in staff being more skilled and results in productivity gains. Performance conversations increased in frequency and meaningfulness, with the average staff member having 5 development goals that they are actively working towards. 

What users say

“I like how simple yet rewarding it is.”

“The dashboard is very user friendly and it is easy to see what you need to do.”

“It's easily accessible and easy to use - dummy proof!”

“I love the ability to use it to track my own professional development and to set my own goals.”


"It is definitely more engaging to fill in than the old performance plan document. It makes staff think about what they are doing to develop and what they can do to progress activities. I think it is an excellent innovation."

Assistant Director Human Resources,

Australian Government Department

Case study # 2

Multinational company 

Before PentaQuest:

Poor alignment of staff behaviours with strategy 

The client was seeking a way to reward and recognise staff for positive workplace behaviours and to build a strong and unified culture. As part of this strategy, they wanted to embed the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) as part of the culture and create environmentally conscious habits. As an organisation of approx 120 people in several cities across Australia, they needed a digital way to engage and align staff to the company's strategy and culture. 

After PentaQuest:

645 UN SDGs actions completed in
6 months

Staff became more aware of and active in doing daily environmentally conscious behaviours and the UN SDGs are now part of the company culture through the regular positive reinforcement.  The company used PentaQuest to also nudge other behaviours related to business strategy and company culture. Results achieved include 30 knowledge sessions,  71 pieces of knowledge shared, 212 proposals submitted, 104 feedback sessions  held, 54 brainstorms sessions completed.

What users say

"I became a lot more conscious of the little things I could do every day that make a difference."

"It really showed how committed the company was to this strategy - they put their money where their mouth is."

"It was cool that is was something we could all work towards, regardless if you are in the head office or not. The other teams really got into it."

"Seeing the results after 6 months was awesome, it was cool to see how much we had achieved together and to see it visualised".

"It was fun! I got really competitive actually."

"The fact that it was digital and automatic meant less work for me. It did it all for me. And I really liked it as a tool to engage all staff, especially those around the country."

Operations Manager, 
Multinational Company

Case study # 3

Australian Government department

Before PentaQuest:

Poor engagement with learning and development and low collaboration between teams 

Staff worked in siloes and did not communicate much with other teams. Engagement with learning and development was lackluster. The HR team was seeking an innovative and effective way to increase engagement with HR processes and increase employee engagement. 

After PentaQuest:

140% increase in learning and development completed in 2 months

Employees feel recognised for their work efforts, managers have a tangible way to set priorities and reward staff. Results include ia 140% increase in non-mandatory L&D,  71% of users engaging with the platform regularly (daily and weekly), and an increased understanding of wellbeing from 58% to 91% which is a significant 33% from a 1 month challenge.


What users say

"PentaQuest is a powerful tool, helping users navigate and engage with workplace content, be it through training or self-management of projects and leveraging the tools available within PentaQuest to track progress of the team, review tasks completed or liaise with a colleague."

"This is a platform like no other and I believe it will become common practice within the next 5 -10 years. Through gamification, PentaQuest allows the user to earn points for completing tasks and activities, as assigned by their manager, HR or themselves and redeem rewards which can contribute to the individuals professional development."



"I love that PentaQuest is different to anything else we see in HR and that it was co-designed with the users, who were involved every step of the way."

Human Resources Manager,

Australian Government Department