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We design effective 
behavioural change interventions.


We start by deeply understanding your context and then developing a tailored experience for your team and staff. We also work collaboratively with you to develop a behavioural intervention. 
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Digital engagement

We provide advise and consulting on how you can deliver engaging online experiences using gamification. Using our cutting edge methodology that is based in academic study and many years of practical experience, we help you transform your face-to-face experience into a digital gamified one and give you the tools you need to add gamification for increased engagement to your existing digital services. 

The output is a gamification concept design that details which game mechanics are best for your unique context and challenge. 

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Strategy, culture and capability research and design 

We work with you to clarify intent and gain a deep understanding of your context through design sessions with the leadership team, as well as user interviews, questionnaires, observations and desktop research.


We work closely with you to turn the research insights into an engaging behavioural intervention. We develop designs and behavioural mechanics specific for your unique challenge. We take into consideration the business intent, technical constraints and other factors to ensure a practically implementable solution that is meaningful and sustainable. 

Then we deliver you with a comprehensive report and blueprint that provides clear guidance and recommendations about how to launch, implement and scale  the behavioural intervention.

This process can be done in a rapid format through a half-day workshop with executives and a short research process or through a more detailed process. Get in touch to discuss your requirements. 

What our clients say:

"We're really happy about the focus on our business. You've given us a really clear way forward for the next few months. This gives us exactly what we need to better inform our decision makers and help advance this project. Thank you for the fantastic work you have done for us."

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Gamification masterclasses and workshops

We regularly facilitate workshops to help clients understand and explore a behavoural science based approach and how it can be used in their context. These are most commonly 1 or 2 days, but can be adjusted for half day workshops or multi-day masterclasses. During these workshops we go through the gamification design process rapidly, with the start of the day focussed on diverging, exploring and idea generation, and the second half of the day is about converging, making design decisions, and focussed on implementation.


We have a strong history of pairing our knowledge of gamification with our client’s knowledge of the subject matter to create memorable and effective gamification experiences. We use our proprietary Gamification Design Process and Gamification Cards, used successfully with teams and organisations.

What our clients say:

"A BIG thank you for the workshop! The feedback we’ve been receiving from people about the session has been phenomenal and people are already sharing the concepts and ideas about gamification with others across the organisation. I’ve had people who weren’t invited contact me to find out more!"

"Just a quick message to say thank you very much to all for arranging the workshop, was super insightful for us all and a really positive discussion to start off this exciting workstream; have had some nice feedback from a number of people which I can share when we next speak."

"I would just like to say thank you for an excellent day at the gamification workshop yesterday, very informative, mind expanding and fun."

"The Masterclass design process was amazingly well thought out and full of 'aha!' moments of insight into the issues being worked on. (Plus some cool tips on games and apps to work with :-) Highly recommended!"


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Speaking and presentations

Our behavioural science and gamification experts come from both academic and practical backgrounds, and bring a wealth of knowledge and new thinking to the gamification space. We regularly present and speak at conferences and events, and to teams and businesses. Our experts are regularly asked to do keynote presentations and have spoken and shared their expertise in Australia, USA, Germany, and Singapore. 

What our clients say:

"The sessions you delivered for us were on point and certainly provided our managers with a glimpse into the exciting and new challenges we will face in the future of work space and with the gamification concept. Thank you so much for your help and support, we very much appreciate it."

Thank you for taking the time to explain the basics of gamification to us yesterday. I really enjoyed it! I had a few preconceptions going in and left with a much greater appreciation for the possibilities of using games for conveying meaning, teaching concepts and experiencing scenarios. I think you might have one of the coolest jobs ever! I will now add gamification to my list of concepts to follow and continue learning about. I’ve already subscribed to the PentaQuest mailing list!"


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