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How COVID has changed workplaces

Find out

  • how Australian Government departments have changed since COVID

  • key challenges faces by staff, managers and leaders

  • predictions for how workplaces will remain forever changed

  • a message of hope for the future

"Interesting reading!  I’ve circulated to our executive as we’re having the conversation about the transition back to the office, and this will be a valuable data point.

"It's well done, nicely captures all the issues in an easy to consume format."

"This is a valuable  pieces of research."

What you get

This report is a combination of insights from 40 confidential interviews with APS leaders, as well as desktop review combined with university research. The insights from primarily from the interviews themselves so as to understand the

landscape from the APS leader perspective.

You will learn:

  • how APS leaders dealt with the drastic changes COVID brought

  • key challenges for people management predicted pre-COVID 

  • the biggest challenges workplaces continue to face 

  • a message of hope for the next normal

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