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Leading gamification education

As an emerging and evolving field, clients often approach us to help them understand and explore gamification.

We draw on many years of practical experience as well as leading edge academic research to give you a deep understanding of how gamification can help you achieve your goals.
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Speaking and presentations

Our gamification experts come from both academic and practical backgrounds, and bring a wealth of knowledge and new thinking to the gamification space. We regularly present and speak at conferences and events, and to teams and businesses. Our experts are regularly asked to do keynote presentations and have spoken and shared their expertise in Australia, USA, Germany, and Singapore.

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Masterclasses and workshops

We regularly facilitate workshops to help clients understand and explore gamification and how it can be used in their context. These are most commonly 1 or 2 days, but can be adjusted for half day workshops or multi-day masterclasses. During these workshops we go through the gamification design process rapidly, with the start of the day focussed on diverging, exploring and idea generation, and the second half of the day is about converging, making design decisions, and focussed on implementation.


We have a strong history of pairing our knowledge of gamification with our client’s knowledge of the subject matter to create memorable and effective gamification experiences. We use our proprietary Gamification Design Process and Gamification Cards, used successfully with teams and organisations.

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