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Expert Panel: How to drive workplace culture and employee experience. 

Tuesday 21st September, 10AM-11:45AM

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David Keir,
CEO Corporate Purpose Sydney


John Fowlie,
Head of High Performance, ThinkPlace, Canberra


Dr. Kerstin Oberprieler,
CEO PentaQuest, Canberra

In these tough times it can be difficult to keep staff engaged and motivated.

PentaQuest has partnered with Corporate Purpose and ThinkPlace to share key insights and practical tips for growing a strong culture and high performing workplace.

In this session you will learn:

  • What it takes to create and drive strong company culture

  • How to keep your staff aligned, engaged and motivated

  • Behavioural science principles, tools and techniques to gamify the workplace

What you will learn

David Keir, Principal, Corporate Purpose, Sydney

Corporate Purpose helps leaders with setting company purpose, culture and strategy for growth.

  • Purpose and vision align and inspire teams and broad stakeholders

  • How businesses that embed purpose and values achieve higher profits

  • How leaders instill purpose across the organisation

John Fowlie, Head of High Performance, ThinkPlace, Canberra

Lessons and methods from the Olympic arena to enable high-talent teams to deliver repeatably under high-pressure

  • Your organisation is faced with a great challenge. You gather a team of highly passionate, and driven team members to tackle it. You know they will be pushed to their limits, and some may break.

  • How do you set them up for success and avoid team break down and burnout?

  • Gain insight into methods, tools, and techniques we use to enable high-talent teams to deliver under pressure over, and over again.

Dr. Kerstin Oberprieler, CEO PentaQuest, Canberra

The science behind gamification of the workplace.

  • What drives positive human behaviour?

  • The 7 scientific principles of employee engagement

  • Tools and techniques to help you nudge employee behaviour

About the speakers

David Keir

Corporate Purpose: setting company culture and strategy for growth

David Keir founded Corporate Purpose after a career in Australia and China as a business advisor and entrepreneur. He founded several successful companies, including having built the Domino's Pizza brand in China, and has extensive experience working with Boards, shareholders, franchisees and investors.

David has a passion for starting values-based businesses, capturing the inspired thinking of founders and business teams, and creating structures, cultures and systems that see these come to life and be sustained. His experience is that the alignment of key stakeholders around shared purpose, vision and values separates successful companies from the rest, regardless of geography or industry.

David returned to Australia in 2017 after 24 years in China, and now resides in Sydney. He was educated at Queensland University where he earned his B.Econ(Hon), B.A., and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD).

John Fowlie

ThinkPlace: empowering people, organisations and communities to unlock innovation that disrupts the status quo, delivering new value.

John's passion has been in developing 'bullet proof' performances at the Olympic level. He believes true high-performance comes from collaborative and nurturing environments. He believes the key to continual improvement is in long-term, holistic and individualised development.

The majority of John's professional career has been spent in international high-performance swimming. He coached at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) / Swimming Australia National Training Centre for 14 years, including four Olympic campaigns. During his tenure, his athletes won 75 international medals including 9 Olympic medals (4 gold) and set 7 World Records. He was twice named Australian Coach of the Year, has won the Don Talbot Medal on three occasions, and is an ASCTA Lifetime Platinum Coach.

Since joining ThinkPlace in 2017, John has worked with a wide range of organisations, teams and individuals to improve their performance, cultures and impact. John specialises in working with teams and organisations to breakthrough large or difficult challenges.

John has led international teams, worked as a mentor, lecturer, been a media conduit and presented at conferences. He has collaborated on a diverse range of applied research including Help-Seeking Behaviours of Young Elite Athletes, Psychological Automaticity, Biomechanics, Physiology, Altitude Training Modality, Nutrition, Sleep and Skill Acquisition.

Dr Kerstin Oberprieler

PentaQuest: employee behaviour and gamification expert

Described as One of the World's Leading Figures in Behavioural Science by Insights Success Magazine, Kerstin is a thought leader in nudging behaivour and gamification space, both academically and practically. Kerstin has her PhD in workplace gamification, design thinking and systems thinking. 

She combines her expertise in design thinking, user research and design and uses this to deliver outstanding gamification solutions. Kerstin has worked with many teams and organisations to understand and apply gamification and behavioural science to their business, including government, private business, schools, and multi-nationals. Kerstin's PhD research focused on systematic change in organisations through gamification.

Kerstin is a renowned keynote speaker in gamification, and is known for her engaging and energetic style of presentation. Kerstin has given a TEDx talk, presented in Australia, USA, Germany, Singapore and Hong Kong. Kerstin is passionate about helping organisations and employees thrive by unlocking employee motivation. Kerstin regularly works with executives, leaders and human resource directors to increase engagement, boost performance, align behaviour with strategy and build a strong and unified culture.

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