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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is PentaQuest?

PentaQuest specialises in behaviour change for organisations. We believe in helping our clients and users live their  best lives by tapping into our human desire to play.
We do this through consulting and a gamified platform that unlocks employee motivation
using cutting-edge behavioural science
so that employees and organisations thrive.


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What do you offer?
We offer a highly customisable and effective Software as a Service platform that uses gamification and behavioural science to increase engagement, align behaviours with strategy and build a strong culture. We also offer design strategy and cultural change interventions and bespoke design services. We provide advice to help your organisation deliver digitally through engaging gamified experiences.

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What can I customise in the platform?

A lot! We know that meaningful gamification occurs when it is specifically tailored to your unique context. That's why you are in complete control of the activities, challenges, rewards, teams, look and feel, and much more. Through the Admin portal you can add, edit, and delete almost all elements of the platform so that you can give your team the best experience. And it means that you can make changes quickly, easily and at any time and evolve the gamification experience with your organisation.


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What's your proof that your approach works?
We've delivered outstanding results for our clients using gamification, ranging from a 641% increase in learning and development, a 33% increase in well-being engagement in just 1 month, increases in collaboration, communication, workplace satisfaction, and much more. We pride ourselves on delivering meaningful results - if you win, so do we. 
Check out our case study section for more.

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What distinguishes you from everyone else?

Unlike other companies who claim to use gamification, our team consists of leaders in the field, many of whom have PhD's and are internationally recognised experts. This means we can more effectively engage employees because our game mechanics and workflows are based on the latest research and insight about what really works. And on top of that we also have many years practical experience in implementing organisational interventions.

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What type of support do you offer? 

We offer several tiers of support, depending on your needs. All clients receive 24/7 technical support and assistance from our behavioural gamification experts and Game Masters to set up the platform with your team. For larger organisations or more complex challenges, our experts work with you closely to tailor the gamified experience and give ongoing support. We work closely with you, as a single team.

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How does the implementation work?

We support you through our tried and tested gamification methodology to implement an effective solution that increases engagement, aligns strategy, and builds culture. The first step is getting crystal clear in your intent and desired success metrics. Then we define the behaviours, challenges, rewards etc that will lead to this success state. The next step is to onboard the admins and champions into the platform, and then rolling it out to the rest of the organisation. Then we do regular check0ins to help you maximise your game mechanics and help your organisation thrive.

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Does gamification really work?

Absolutely. Gamification has been proven to increase engagement and nudge behaviour, both in academic studies and in the real world. However, not all gamification solutions are effective. The biggest problem is when simple and overly competitive game mechanics and extrinsic motivators are over-used. This often comes from inexperienced designers who do not know how to navigate the complexities of the workplace and do not understand the science of human motivation. That's why our team consists of leading experts and practitioners. With us on your side, you are assured to have a successful implementation.

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Where did you get the idea to offer your services and solution?

We started PentaQuest when we saw how effective game mechanics were in our own team. By tapping into the human desire to play and have fun, we found that team members were more productive and happier. We had so much interest from others that we realised we had discovered a solution that many organisations could benefit from. And so we started PentaQuest as a way to share our solution and technology with the world.

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How did you develop the platform?

The PentaQuest platform has been carefully designed and improved over many years. Originally starting with a pen-and-paper model that was fine-tuned over 2 years, we then developed a digital version. Our platform was then further designed through extensive research with over 500 users, so the platform features, functionality and even interface design has all been tried and tested with many different types of users and organisations. And we're not done yet! We are constantly improving the platform to ensure you benefit from the latest in behavioural science and gamification research and practice.

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How does your pricing work?
Our pricing is tiered based on the number of users. 
We offer several support packages depending on your needs, starting from basic behavioural design and technical support through to providing premium support that includes delivering training and onboarding to your champions and admins.

To support our community we are offering our platform at a discount price.
Get in touch for more.

Professional servicesEach project is scoped to suit your unique needs. Get in touch for an estimate.

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I think gamification is excellent, but my team is conservative?

Taking a more human-centred and playful approach to the workplace is new for some organisations, so some team members may have questions at the beginning. This is partly due to the misconceptions around the term 'gamification' where some people think it means playing Dungeons and Dragons at work or doing kitschy team building exercises! Obviously this is not what we do. our platform has been developed with professional and traditional audiences such as Government departments, so our platform strikes the perfect balance between professionalism and play. Our expert team has worked with many organisations to implement gamification and we support you in the onboarding and messaging for all user and engagement types.

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Does PentaQuest integrate with other products?

Yes it does! The PentaQuest platform has been developed with API-first in mind. This allows the platform to easily integrate with 3rd party apps that are API driven. We can successfully integrate with Trello and similar apps.

We are continually adding in new integrations. If you would like to integrate with one of your existing business systems, get in touch.

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Do you have Single-Sign On?

We sure do! If you would like to add SSO to your platform, get in touch.

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Do you have a mobile app?

Yes, PentaQuest has a native mobile app that is available for Apple and Android users. The browser-based app is also mobile responsive so that it can be easily viewed on different devices. You can login to the mobile app when an account has been set up for you by your organisation's administrator.



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