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Concept Map


Concept Map

This is a powerful tool for gamification design, capture the five stages of Gamification Design into a single page.

Its point of difference is thinking about the gamification solution holistically by including the practicalities and realities of launch, implementation and sustainability. The PentaQuest Gamification Concept Map has been used successfully to develop many gamification solutions and has been used with teams to work through their gamification ideas.

Each of the five sections of the GCM has an entire process and another worksheet behind it, capturing the depth of thinking for each stage. The GCM brings it all together on a single page, for concise communication of the gamification solution.

If you'd like to work through the GCM to develop a powerful and implementable solution, one of our expert gamification designers can work with you. We regularly deliver consulting, workshops and masterclasses to help teams discover and use gamification for their challenges.

Mechanics, dynamics and more...

One of the biggest challenges non-designers face when developing a gamification solution, is knowing which gamification elements they can use. While we recommend getting in an expert to help you to get the best outcome, we believe in making gamification knowledge accessible.

So here is a list of some key elements you can use in your gamification solution.


Desires that drive behaviour.
Choose those that best suit your user group and those that support the principles and culture you want to reinforce.

Win states

The end goal for the gamification experience.

Choose how the 'game' will be played and what users are aiming for.


Elements that make the gamification work.

Choose what your 'game' is made of, the core actions that your players can do.


How mechanics interact to create gameplay.

Choose those that create loops that reinforce the behaviour and the gameplay.


An overarching connection for the experience.

Choose one that ties the whole experience together and frame the actions in a fun way. Choose a random one for entertainment value or one that matches your challenge and user groups.

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