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Create a high performing public service

Providing service to all Australians starts with a high performing agency. Government experiences unique challenges due to the cyclical nature of government, changes in ministers, org re-structures and senate estimates. 

Siloes and manager-dependent workplace experience. Keeping up with a recent change in executive. Improving manager capability and consistent performance across teams. Mixed feedback on the latest State of the Service report. 

PentaQuest helps you manage your people, processes, and strategy, on one simple interface, designed with and for Government. 

Case study

Australian Government department

Before PentaQuest:

Poor engagement with professional development and performance discussions

Learning and development activities were limited to mandatory activities and there was little engagement with professional development. Performance conversations happened in a formal setting every 6 months but staff felt that these conversations were stressful and not meaningful. The performance process was largely manual and the staff experience was highly dependent on the manager.

After PentaQuest:

641% increase in learning and development completed in 6 months

We delivered a massive increase in the amount of learning and development activities being completed, which resulted in staff being more skilled and results in productivity gains. Performance conversations increased in frequency and meaningfulness, with the average staff member having 5 development goals that they are actively working towards. 

What users say

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“I like how simple yet rewarding it is.”

“The dashboard is very user friendly and it is easy to see what you need to do.”

“It's easily accessible and easy to use - dummy proof!”

“I love the ability to use it to track my own professional development and to set my own goals.”


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"It is definitely more engaging to fill in than the old performance plan document. It makes staff think about what they are doing to develop and what they can do to progress activities. I think it is an excellent innovation."

Assistant Director Human Resources,

Australian Government Department

High performing 
public service
Drive engagement
and performance
Engaged team members learn faster, perform better and have more job satisfaction. Increase engagement in a scalable, sustainable and repeatable way. 
Increase performance and efficiency
Recognise and reward individuals and teams for high value behaviours and celebrate the achieving of key targets and objectives. Manage performance and increase manager capability. 
HR in APS is being
According to research by the Hackett Group, organisations with world-class HR outperform their peers. With the APSC focus on professionalisation of HR, the way to manage staff is changing. 
Build team culture
Foster positive interactions between team members and build a culture of teamwork, collaboration and performance. 
Boost employee engagement and performance,
transform your agency

Manage performance, celebrate wins, increase engagement

Communicate and reward employees for learning and development, compliance, and following best practice.

Collaborate on projects and task and celebrate progress and team wins. 

"It's simple and yet very rewarding. I love seeing my progress"

“It was a good way to collaborate across teams”

Projects COVID.png
Manager 2.png

Support manager capability

using specific activities

For many managers having a remote team is new and it requires new practices and habits. 
Now you can support them by giving specific activities to increase their capability and management style. Whether it be attending specialised manager training, having more conversations with staff, or taking time to connect with other managers, you can create manager-specific activities. Managers also have a portal to create activities and team objectives for their staff.

“My manager has become more conscious of
providing feedback because of PentaQuest”

Get real-time analytics

in the Admin portal

As well as being able to customise loads of features in the PentaQuest platform quickly, easily and at any time, Admins ​have access to analytics and reporting that give you real-time access. This data lets you adjust and evolve the gamification experience over time based on user activity and what is happening in the business and social context. 

"It lets me see where everything is up to. In many cases it actually gives me data that we aren't capturing anywhere else. It's  really useful like that."


...want to learn more?

We're here to help. 

Get in touch to speak with one of our
behavioural experts.



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What type of departments do you work with?

PentaQuest has extensive experience working with the Australian Federal Government,  we have also worked with state agencies. Our Founders have over a decade's worth of experience in working with government, including as consultants and software providers. 


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Does the platform cater to Government?

Absolutely! In fact, our platform was designed with Government through extensive research and backed by PhD research. 

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What can I customise in the platform?

A lot! We know that meaningful gamification occurs when it is specifically tailored to your unique context. That's why you are in complete control of the activities, challenges, rewards, teams, look and feel, and much more. Through the Admin portal you can add, edit, and delete almost all elements of the platform so that you can give your team the best experience. And it means that you can make changes quickly, easily and at any time and evolve the gamification experience with your organisation.


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What's your proof that your approach works?

We've delivered outstanding results for our clients using gamification, ranging from a 641% increase in learning and development, a 33% increase in well-being engagement in just 1 month, increases in collaboration, communication, workplace satisfaction, and much more. We pride ourselves on delivering meaningful results - if you win, so do we.

Check out our case study section for more. 

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