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High performing teams have one thing in common - their people are highly engaged. Engagement is a psychological state of high motivation where employees go above and beyond and feel aligned to the organisation's vision. 

Creating a high performing team needs to happen across the whole team, not just in a few. Managers need to be supported. ​Performance needs to be systematically managed. The old formal half-yearly performance review process is dead.

PentaQuest helps you manage performance using the latest behavioural science to tap into motivation and manage performance systematically across your whole team and organisation. 

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Build a high performing team

Case study

Australian Government department

Before PentaQuest:

Poor engagement with professional development and performance discussions

Learning and development activities were limited to mandatory activities and there was little engagement with professional development. Performance conversations happened in a formal setting every 6 months but staff felt that these conversations were stressful and not meaningful. The performance process was largely manual and the staff experience was highly dependent on the manager.

After PentaQuest:

641% increase in learning and development completed in 6 months

We delivered a massive increase in the amount of learning and development activities being completed, which resulted in staff being more skilled and results in productivity gains. Performance conversations increased in frequency and meaningfulness, with the average staff member having 5 development goals that they are actively working towards. 

What users say

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“I like how simple yet rewarding it is.”

“The dashboard is very user friendly and it is easy to see what you need to do.”

“It's easily accessible and easy to use - dummy proof!”

“I love the ability to use it to track my own professional development and to set my own goals.”


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"It is definitely more engaging to fill in than the old performance plan document. It makes staff think about what they are doing to develop and what they can do to progress activities. I think it is an excellent innovation."

Assistant Director Human Resources,

Australian Government Department

Manage performance
using behavioural science
Shift from formal reviews to continuous performance
Formal reviews are scary and not meaningful. Manage performance like a sport coach - with regular feedback, a clear pathway, and celebrating progress. 
Performance, for the
whole team 
Clearly communicate expectations and track performance systematically across your whole team or organisation. A digital platform with nudges lets you reach all employees.
Tailored performance pathway
Performance increases when people can choose their pathways. Tap into intrinsic motivation by giving personalised performance goals and rewards.
Capture all aspects of performance
Workplace performance isn't just about a rating criteria. It's about continuous performance, contribution to team and culture. Incorporate all of these aspects into a single platform. 
Welcome to
modern performance

Get laser-focused 

using Monthly Challenges

Get the whole organisation involved in friendly competition through Monthly​ Challenges. A set of activities to be completed in 30 days, Monthly Challenges are a super effective way to get teams fired up and focussing on a key area. Whether it be diversity and inclusion, wellbeing, security, performance reviews, or any other challenge relevant to your organisation, Monthly Challenges are a fun and effective way to get everyone working together on the same area. 

"Really good. I pay more attention  to the Monthly Challenges”

Monthly Challenge 2.png

Increase performance

using Goals

Employees can set goals in an easy and actionable format. Rather than traditional and ineffective performance conversations that happen twice a year, now you can set, track and reward progress towards professional and personal goals wth tasks, due dates, priorities and more. And you can even invite other people to support you, like managers, mentors or peers. Goals can be individual or team based. 

“I like the format - not only is it easy to navigate but it very clearly prompts you to achieve goals.”

“It was a good way to collaborate across teams”

Get real-time feedback

using the Dashboard

Live dashboards​ for teams and the whole organisation let you see how your team is performing. It also shows what your team is working on and the strategic focus area being prioritised. 

Dashboards can be in collaborative or competitive mode, depending on your choice. 

“The dashboard is very user friendly and it is easy to see what you need to do.”

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...want to learn more?

We're here to help. 

Get in touch to speak with one of our
behavioural experts.


Performance management

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Does PentaQuest replace my current performance management system?

PentaQuest can replace it or augment your current system. Some of our clients have found that PentaQuest offers more value and features than their current system and therefore use our platform solely for performance management. Others use PentaQuest and another system.

Whichever works for you, one thing's for certain - performance management has not been this much fun! 


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Do you provide support to design the performance management experience?

Yes, our behavioural experts are here to partner with you to design and develop the experience. We have 100s of behaviours, tasks, challenges and rewards that we can work with you to refine to make sure the experience fits your unique team. 

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What can I customise in the platform?

A lot! We know that meaningful gamification occurs when it is specifically tailored to your unique context. That's why you are in complete control of the activities, challenges, rewards, teams, look and feel, and much more. Through the Admin portal you can add, edit, and delete almost all elements of the platform so that you can give your team the best experience. And it means that you can make changes quickly, easily and at any time and evolve the gamification experience with your organisation.


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Can you integrate with our current systems?

We sure can! The PentaQuest platform has been developed with API-first in mind. This allows the platform to easily integrate with 3rd party apps that are API driven, such as LMSs.

While your LMS hosts your content, think of PentaQuest as your behaviour management systems that provides a holistic L&D experience that includes content, daily tasks, personal development, and team development.

We are continually adding in new integrations. If you would like to integrate with one of your existing business systems, get in touch. 

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