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Employee engagement, 

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Why you need it

‘Organisations succeed or fail by the quality of their people’

While often said, it is only partly true.  Research has shown that the more significant determinant of organizational performance is something more intangible, something far harder to achieve than merely hiring the best people: a culture that encourages and rewards innovation, instills in all staff a laser-like strategic focus, and one that creates a work environment that is enjoyable.  


While achieving these is hard, it is made particularly difficult given the diversity in employee demographics, goals, and expertise.  It is also made increasingly more challenging by the emergence of younger generations in the workforce who do not respond well to traditional top-down hierarchical processes and systems aimed at forcing employee behavior and performance.

There is a clear and growing need for a solution to the problem of how to build a culture that encourages and rewards ongoing learning, innovation, provides staff with the information and agency to attain and deliver on a strategic focus, and one that creates an environment that is enjoyable to work in.  

Transform your team and workplace

Our platform builds high performing employees through gamified activities such as professional development, project and work tasks, team challenges and more. It is a browser-based application that lets employees access and log professional development activities like asking for feedback, completing learning and development courses, giving and receiving feedback, and attending networking events. Users receive points for themselves and their team/branch, can view their team’s activities and progress, and redeem rewards and further development opportunities.  

Loaded with features

The PentaQuest gamification platform is a cloud-based gamification service that lets you design your own gamification experience for your team or organisation.

It's loaded with features for engagement and recognition. It can be used across devices, from PC, tablet and mobile.

You can:

  • Create missions, goals, projects and activities

  • Collaborate on projects

  • Be recognised for work and tasks

  • Redeem rewards

  • Managers set goals, activities and projects for their team

  • Monthly Challenges for the whole organisation

  • Game Masters administer organisation-wide activities, rewards, resources

  • Celebrate collective achievements

  • and more!



Support as you need it 

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We offer several support packages to assist you and your team as needed. These range from:

  • self-service support where you get all the help you need through our resources and forums

  • standard support where our Game Masters are available for one-on-one support via teleconference to help you and your team reach their potential. We also provide face-to-face training through our Game Master workshops for our Australian clients.

  • premium support where we become part of your team for a short and long period of time to support you and your organisation as you transform.



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We work with teams of all shapes and sizes and different needs, which is why we work with you to establish a pricing and support model based on your needs. 

There is a set up fee to create your team and set up the behaviours, challenges, and tasks you want to track and incentivise. Once you're set up, there is a monthly subscription fee. 

Get in touch to find out more. 

your team now

Teams from around the world are using our platform to maximise engagement and performance of their teams.

Get in touch for a demo with one of our gamification experts. 

...want to see more?

The PentaQuest platform is loaded with features.

Get in touch to learn more.


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