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Need a break from COVID-19? Try these 3 games for mindfulness

It seems like the only thing anyone can talk about at the moment is COVID-19. While this is understandable and communication is vital in a global pandemic like this, it can get overwhelming. So, if you need a break from the world why not take a brief respite in a game?

We've put together a list of 3 calming games that are a great way to have a short break, add some playfulness and fun to your day, and build up mental and emotional resilience by taking mini-breaks.



This game is calming in its soundtrack and stunning visuals and draws on the ancient art of Bonsai pruning. The game is simple - prune your sprouting tree towards the light. You do this by first setting the general direction of the tree growth and then by pruning the growing branches. When enough of your tree's branches reach the sunlight, flowers bloom! It sounds simple, but it is surprisingly engaging and rewarding. And the levels get more challenging as they go.

What's great about this game is the soothing sounds, the beautiful design, and the simplicity of the game mechanics. And the concept of pruning unnecessary things out of your life in order to thrive as a good paradigm with what we are all going through at the moment.


Another stunningly designed game, Odyssey lets you be a sand-boarder (think snow boarder, but on a desert) who glides along stunning landscapes to collect coins, do backflips and jump over canyons. As you progress, you can grind across vines, bridges and rock walls and bounce on hot air balloons.

This game nicely balances a calm game with gentle increasing of challenge and skill required, making it fun and engaging but not too adrenaline-fuelled. The subtly changing backdrop and beautiful soundtrack are sure to calm and delight.


This game lets you escape our planet all-together by taking you to the stars! You are floating in the galaxy surrounded by organisms that move slowly and grow. The goal is to survive by moving around the galaxy and absorb smaller organisms to grow yourself. You do this by propelling yourself around. But beware of ejecting matter as you propel, which causes you to shrink and become vulnerable to absorption by larger entities.

This game is calm and fun, and lets you be your inner astrophysicist by understanding gravity and movement - a good way to practice science skills for those educating at home!

Osmos also has an ambient soundtrack and visuals - no wonder it has won multiple 'game of the year' awards.

If you're in need of a mini-break, go ahead and play a calming game to bring moments of playfulness and positive distraction to your day, it will help build up your resilience and energy.

Stay safe, everyone.

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