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Gamification Europe 2019

This month our Co-Founder and lead gamification designer Kerstin Oberprieler had the opportunity to speak at Gamification Europe in Berlin, the largest gamification conference in Europe.

Kerstin presented her PhD research on workplace gamification, introducing a new model for how to deal with organisational complexity. This model is Cultural-Historical Activity Theory (a mouthful, huh?) and in essence it looks at organisations like a living ecosystem. This perspective lets designers and organisational change makers understand the various interactions that occur in the workplace and identify where best to use game mechanics to nudge behaviour. It also provides a visual way to map the before and after state of an organisation when gamification is introduced.

Over the 2.5 days there were many other fantastic speakers and gamification experts, notably including Adrian Hon who designed Zombies, Run!.

Some takeaways from the conference include:

  • Gamification continues to be applied to all sorts of challenges, and it's great to see the power of game mechanics being used to make the world better

  • Gamification as a field is evolving and designers are becoming more nuanced in their understanding and application

  • Gamification is here to stay and in fact will be increasingly used to increase engagement and change behaviour in many fields, including employee engagement, learning and development, health, finance, market research, collaboration, and much much more.

Photo credit: Roberto Alvarez Bucholska If you'd like to know more about Kerstin's PhD research or speak with one of our other gamification and behavioural experts, get in touch

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