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PentaQuest-Amazon presentation at GamiCon 2019

Over the past year PentaQuest has been working with teams in Amazon to run a pilot of our gamification platform for professional development.

Our Co-Founder and Lead Gamification Designer Kerstin Oberprieler recently spoke at Amazon in Seattle, who held their first mini Gamification Conference, and at GamiCon in New Orleans. Kerstin co-presented with Chuck Sigmund about the joint partnership and approach to using behavioural sciences and gamification to increase employee engagement with professional development.

The Amazon Gamification Conference highlighted the great initiatives the company is doing in this space and GamiCon highlighted the leading thinking by gamification designers all over the world. GamiCon attendees came from many professions and industries and presenters shared their insights, learnings, and tools to improve people's experience through the power of fun.

A key takeaway is the strong and growing interest in gamification to solve today's workplace challenges such as learning, development, engagement, and more. Whether it be training to increase inclusion, using story and narrative to learn better, or using game mechanics to increase engagement, gamification offers a powerful and innovative methodology to give users a positive experience.

Kerstin Oberprieler presenting at Amazon, Seattle

Chuck Sigmund and Kerstin Oberprieler at GamiCon

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