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TED talk on gamification as a way to nudge collective behaviour

PentaQuest Co-founder and Lead Gamification Designer Kerstin Oberprieler gave a fantastic TED talk at TEDxCanberra earlier this year. 

A short excerpt here:

Games hack your brain. They activate your limbic system and release feel-good hormones. This is what makes games so popular, so engaging and so powerful. In this talk, gamification and design expert Kerstin Oberprieler explores how we can add play to parts of our lives and what the psychological, physiological and social impacts might be. Kerstin is passionate about using gamification to help individuals and organisations achieve their goals. As a leading gamification and design thinking academic and practitioner, Kerstin is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with gamification, building gamified solutions that are intuitive, highly effective, and fun.

The talk has finally gone live!

For  the hearing impaired option with AUSLAN translation, click here or use this URL:

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