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The digital employee experience

Last week's Digital Employee Experience conference in Sydney (DEX2019) brought together digital workplace thought leaders and practitioners from across Australia and the world.  Our co-founder Dr David Ireland was lucky enough to be a speaker at the conference and share our approach to helping organisations achieve their strategic goals. 

Across the two days, several strong themes emerged as practitioners shared best practice digital experience design.  These included:

  1. A human centred approach is vital for ensuring engagement, adoption, and sustainability.  The design approach was also outlined as a tool for helping to ensure that strategic initiatives don’t get trapped between the strategic and operational levels of an organisation. 

  2. The importance of letting strategy lead tools, rather than having tools dictate the organisation’s strategic objectives. 

  3. Employees engage when the data is presented in a way that is compelling, relevant, and connected.  Several new platforms were presented that gave employees the information they needed when the needed it. These modern intranet type platforms combined the functionality of several tools but gave the user a single, coherent and easy to use experience. 

David presented on PentaQuest’s approach to helping organisations achieve their strategic goals through our application of behavioural gamification.  The presentation covered our approach for identifying the behaviours that lead to the desired outcomes, the importance of designing for small changes that in aggregate lead to habit formation and sustained new behaviours, and the ethics of organisational behaviour change. 

DEX2019 was a great opportunity to network, share, and learn from some of the industry’s best.  We’re looking forward to participating again in the future.

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