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The future of work

The workplace is changing. Due to trends in demographics and lifestyles like the ‘gig’ economy where people do part-time or volunteer work, and technology-enabled shared economies like Fiverr and Upwork, work is shifting to a more open, shared and technology-based workforce. Workers are increasingly hyper connected and mobile (the average person checks their phone 150 times a day). Their workplaces are increasingly ‘smart’ and connected, using big data and AI to automate processes and make decisions. And on top of all of this, the rate of innovation and information is increasing, with new business models and services emerging that disrupt the traditional workplace.

All of these challenges mean that organisations need to change to be able to attract and retain top talent. People are looking for workplaces that are flexible, digitally-savvy, and that treat their employees holistically as people, not just as roles or numbers. Employees are looking for managers that lead through engagement, not through command and control.

PentaQuest helps companies with creating a positive workplace that engages, motivates and retains employees. We do this through gamification, the use of game mechanics in the workplace to engage users and solve real world problems. Our employee engagement software platform uses positive reinforcement to recognise and reward professional development, collaboration and productivity. Companies that use gamification find a significant increase in engagement, motivation and productivity. Evaluations of the impact of gamification with our clients has also shown that gamification increases communication between team members, a feeling of social connection and belonging, as well as better understanding of the team and organisation’s goals and vision.

Gamification is a powerful tool because it puts the employees experience first. It’s about a human-centered and positive approach to managing people and work, while also using technology and data to connect and inform. Gamification is not just about competition – the majority of workplaces we work with are looking to build culture and create a positive workplace - and gamification (when done right) can be a great way to attract, engage and retain talent.

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