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Remote teams don't need to mean social disconnection and isolation. 

Now more than ever digital employee engagement tools are a must. Take advantage of the benefits of a digital workplace by reaching your employees where they are. Communicate team objectives, collaborate and socially connect, celebrate success, build culture. 

PentaQuest helps you manage your team's experience, regardless of location or timezone.


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Keep connected,

while working remotely

Case study

Educational institution

Before PentaQuest:

 Lack of team cohesion and productivity on team objectives

  • Lack of communication in the team around team objectives

  • Lack of promotion of their work to the rest of the organisation

  • Not feeling like a team

After PentaQuest:

12.5% increase in workplace satisfaction in 3 months 

  • Staff achieved more project goals in 3 months than they had the 9 months before

  • Staff reported:

    • Increased engagement and motivation

    • Improved positive team interactions

    • Improved culture

    • Increased productivity

    • Increased communication

    • Better clarity on team objectives

    • More focus in meetings

    • A sense of progress

    • Increase in workplace satisfaction by 12.5%


What users say

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“It got people excited.”

“It helped authenticate tasks, track our progress and most of all helped ‘focus’ some of the innovation."


“I was a bit sceptical in the beginning, but now I see it’s really achievable.”

“Gave us a sense of direction, improved engagement levels of team members.”


“It helped people bond.”


“It gave our weekly meetings more focus. Made what we were achieving more visible.”

“Gave us a sense of direction, improved engagement levels of team members.”


Quote marks - PQ teal.png
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"It is a really good touchstone, something we connect with each week… a really good vehicle to see where people are going and if people need extra support."


Team leader, 
Educational institution

Keep connected and aligned, remotely
Communicate quickly
and easily 
Ensure the whole team is up to date and aligned with their team objectives. Easily cascade changes and reward employees for keeping on top of resources, actions and objectives. 
Boost social connection
and fun 
Keeping connected socially is more important than ever and so is finding moments of joy and achievement. Support your team by boosting well-being and resilience through game mechanics. 
Adapt quickly 
Support your team in a rapidly changing business environment and world. Quickly shift focus and effort to new behaviours and priorities through team goals, projects, challenges, and training. 
Access anywhere, anytime 
Give 24/7 access on any device, allowing your team to engage when and where suits them regardless of geography, timezone, or life schedule. 
Remote working
has never been so much fun!

Communicate and recognise
remote working using gamified activities

Communicate and reward employees for following best practice remote working activities and behaviours. Ranging from regularly check-ins with managers, to digital water coolers for social connection, to correctly setting up home work stations. Or health behaviours like washing hands, physical distancing,
checking in on others, and maintaining a healthy routine, employees are rewarded and recognised.

"It's simple and yet very rewarding. I love seeing my progress"

PD 3.png
COngrata give.png

Show appreciation and
give thanks using Congrata

In difficult times human connection and kindness become even more important. Congrata let you say thank you and recognise outstanding behaviour, peer to peer. 

These behaviours can be company values, habits related to remote working effectively, or key principles for staying safe during COVID-19. Again, you can fully customise what these are to best suit your unique need. 

"I love that I can thank someone and that they
have a record of it afterwards too!"

Get real-time data

using the Dashboard

Live dashboards​ for teams and the whole organisation let you see how your team is performing, right now. It also shows what your team is working on and the strategic focus area being prioritised. Have visibility across the organisation, regardless of where they
are located.

“The dashboard is very user friendly and it is
easy to see what you need to do.”

Dashboard 2.png

...want to learn more?

We're here to help. 

Get in touch to speak with one of our
behavioural experts.


Remote working

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How can I keep my team connected remotely?

Demonstrating your commitment to your team's wellbeing and experience shows strong leadership. Having a central place for projects, learning and development, social connection and celebration all increase remote engagement. You can set the behaviours and activities you want to incentivise, for example regularly check-ins with managers, to digital water coolers for social connection, and much more.


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Do you provide support to design the remote working experience?

Yes, our behavioural experts are here to partner with you to design and develop the ideal remote working experience. We have 100s of behaviours, tasks, challenges and rewards that we can work with you to refine to make sure the experience fits your unique team. 

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What can I customise in the platform?

A lot! We know that meaningful gamification occurs when it is specifically tailored to your unique context. That's why you are in complete control of the activities, challenges, rewards, teams, look and feel, and much more. Through the Admin portal you can add, edit, and delete almost all elements of the platform so that you can give your team the best experience. And it means that you can make changes quickly, easily and at any time and evolve the gamification experience with your organisation.


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Can you integrate with our current systems?

We sure can! The PentaQuest platform has been developed with API-first in mind. This allows the platform to easily integrate with 3rd party apps that are API driven.

Think of PentaQuest as your behaviour management systems that provides a holistic L&D experience that includes content, daily tasks, personal development, and team development.

We are continually adding in new integrations. If you would like to integrate with one of your existing business systems, get in touch. 

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