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The PentaQuest gamification platform is a cloud-based gamification service that lets you design your own gamification experience.

It's loaded with features for engagement and recognition. In a few simple steps, you can set up your gamified world and start playing. You can use tokens and experience points to celebrate individual and team achievements and have players choose their own rewards.   


Unlike other platforms, PentaQuest evolves with you and your team by giving you the power to change and add mechanics over time, ensuring a fresh and engaging experience for your users. 

Use it with your team now

The PentaQuest platform is being used by  a range of teams all over the world. 

Ready to supercharge your team?

Expert gamification design for meaningful engagement 


bespoke design

Gamification can be a powerful tool when applied correctly. We have a unique approach to gamification that draws on world leading thinking in psychology, behavioural economics, design thinking and complex systems.

Gamification design

We understand that a new and innovative gamification solution that tackles a complex need takes sound understanding of the context, thorough planning and design, and stunning execution. Our gamification design methodology incorporates all of these stages, as well as a business change component, to ensure your introduction of gamification is successful. Our methodology is based in leading edge research and academic literature, as well as many years practical experience in working with teams. 

Our clients

Our clients include private businesses, government agencies, and schools. Gamification solutions we've designed include conceptual designs, analogue solutions, applications, to fully integrated platforms. 



Our gamification experts come from both academic and practical backgrounds, and bring a wealth of knowledge and new thinking to the gamification space. We regularly present and speak at conferences and events, and to teams and businesses. We also run gamification workshops for teams and events. 


If you want to know more about gamification or want to take the first step in understanding how you can apply it to your team, get in touch. 


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