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'Culture eats strategy for breakfast'. Organisational transformation is critical to build thriving organisations.

But too often executives and teams spend days making a great business strategy, only to have it sit on a shelf and gather dust. What is missing in most initiatives is alignment between strategy and culture and an implementation that genuinely engages people in new ways of working. 

PentaQuest helps you generate a sustainable change by breaking down the transformation  into simple, concrete day to day behaviours. We ensure your transformation systematised, repeatable, consistent, scalable, and sustainable.

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Transform culture, align strategy

Case study

Multinational company 

Before PentaQuest:

Poor alignment of staff behaviours with strategy 

The client was seeking a way to reward and recognise staff for positive workplace behaviours and to build a strong and unified culture. As part of this strategy, they wanted to embed the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) as part of the culture and create environmentally conscious habits. As an organisation of approx 120 people in several cities across Australia, they needed a digital way to engage and align staff to the company's strategy and culture. 

After PentaQuest:

645 UN SDGs actions completed in
6 months

Staff became more aware of and active in doing daily environmentally conscious behaviours and the UN SDGs are now part of the company culture through the regular positive reinforcement.  The company used PentaQuest to also nudge other behaviours related to business strategy and company culture. Results achieved include 30 knowledge sessions, 71 pieces of knowledge shared, 212 proposals submitted,104 feedback sessions held, and 54 brainstorms sessions completed.

What users say

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"I became a lot more conscious of the little things I could do every day that make a difference."

"It really showed how committed the company was to this strategy - they put their money where their mouth is."

"It was cool that is was something we could all work towards, regardless if you are in the head office or not. The other teams really got into it."

"Seeing the results after 6 months was awesome, it was cool to see how much we had achieved together and to see it visualised".

"It was fun! I got really competitive actually."

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"The fact that it was digital and automatic meant less work for me. It did it all for me. And I really liked it as a tool to engage all staff, especially those around the country."

Operations Manager, 
Multinational Company

Embed culture, align strategy, achieve transformation
Ensure success of your transformation 
Don't leave the transformation up to chance or through ad-hoc initiatives. Transformation needs to pull together your values, policies, procedures, management frameworks and more - into a single engaging experience. 
Live and breathe culture, genuinely
Genuinely engage your team with the values and new behaviours of your strategy and culture. Reinforce values through intrinsic and extrinsic mechanisms. 
Strategy, every day
Translate strategic objectives into daily behaviours to ensure alignment with an individual's experience. Have a clear line of sight between individual, team, and organisational goals.
Evolve with your organisation
True transformation takes time. PentaQuest ensures you can evolve your transformation by giving you real-time data on current behaviour and easy-to-customise activities. 
Strengthen your culture, embed your strategy

Get laser-focused 

using Monthly Challenges

Get the whole organisation involved in friendly competition through Monthly​ Challenges. A set of activities to be completed in 30 days, Monthly Challenges are a super effective way to get teams fired up and focussing on a key area. Whether it be diversity and inclusion, wellbeing, security, performance reviews, or any other challenge relevant to your organisation, Monthly Challenges are a fun and effective way to get everyone working together on the same area. 

"Really good. I pay more attention  to the Monthly Challenges”

Monthly Challenge 2.png
COngrata give.png

Show appreciation for key values 

using Congrata

Congrata let you recognise someone for doing something great and demonstrating key values. If your team is focussing on collaboration, innovation, going above and beyond, or simply being a great team member, Congrata let you show appreciation for each other. 

"I love that I can thank someone and that they
have a record of it afterwards too!"

Get real-time feedback

using the Dashboard

Live dashboards​ for teams and the whole organisation let you see how your team is transforming. It also shows what your team is working on and the strategic focus area being prioritised. 

Dashboards can be in collaborative or competitive mode, depending on your choice. 

“The dashboard is very user friendly and it is easy to see what you need to do.”

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...want to learn more?

We're here to help. 

Get in touch to speak with one of our
behavioural experts.


Business transformation

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How can i customise the platform to my transformation?

The PentaQuest platform is highly customisable because you know your organisation best. We know that meaningful transformation occurs when it is specifically tailored to your unique context. That's why you are in complete control of the activities, challenges, rewards, teams, look and feel, and much more. Through the Admin portal you can add, edit, and delete almost all elements of the platform so that you can give your team the best experience. And it means that you can make changes quickly, easily and at any time and evolve the experience with your organisation.

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Do you provide support to implement the transformation?

Yes, our behavioural experts are here to partner with you to implement the transformation. We have 100s of behaviours, tasks, challenges and rewards that we can work with you to refine to make sure the experience fits your unique team. 

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Can you integrate with our current systems?

We sure can! The PentaQuest platform has been developed with API-first in mind. This allows the platform to easily integrate with 3rd party apps that are API driven.

Your transformation may include the introduction or increased use of other tools, so we can work with you to integrate them. 

We are continually adding in new integrations. If you would like to integrate with one of your existing business systems, get in touch. 

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