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Find out how you can use gamification to:

  • increase employee​ engagement

  • boost team motivation

  • increase performance

  • build positive culture

What you get

In this white paper you will learn how gamification is being used by companies and teams all over the world to increase employee engagement.

You will learn:

  • global workforce statistics about employee engagement (they are shocking!)

  • what high performing organisations have in common

  • what gamification is and why employees expect it

  • why gamification is the new norm for modern and thriving companies

  • the many applications of gamification in the workplace.

Download the white paper today and don't waste time with poor employee engagement. Increase your employee engagement today.

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Case study

Australian Government department

Before PentaQuest:

Poor engagement with professional development and performance discussions

Learning and development activities were limited to mandatory activities and there was little engagement in with professional development. Performance conversations happened in a formal setting every 6 months but staff felt that these conversations were stressful and not meaningful. The performance process was largely manual and the staff experience was highly dependent on the manager.

After PentaQuest:

641% increase in learning and development completed in 6 months

We delivered a massive increase in the amount of learning and development activities being completed, which resulted in staff being more skilled and results in productivity gains. Performance conversations increased in frequency and meaningfulness, with the average staff member having 5 development goals that they are actively working towards. 

What users say

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“I like how simple yet rewarding it is.”

“The dashboard is very user friendly and it is easy to see what you need to do.”

“It's easily accessible and easy to use - dummy proof!”

“I love the ability to use it to track my own professional development and to set my own goals.”


Quote marks - PQ teal.png
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"It is definitely more engaging to fill in than the old performance plan document. It makes staff think about what they are doing to develop and what they can do to progress activities. I think it is an excellent innovation."

Assistant Director Human Resources,

Australian Government Department

The team 

Kerstin Oberprieler - circle.png

Kerstin Oberprieler
Co-Founder and lead gamification designer

  • PhD in workplace gamification 

  • TEDx speaker

  • International expert

  • Award-winning designer

DI circle.png

Dr David Ireland
Co-Founder and
company director 

  • Innovation and start-up specialist

  • Angel investor

Gautam circle - grey background.png

Gautam Nayak
Engineering lead

  • 10years+ experience in enterprise applications

  • Specialises in cloud-based solutions

  • Has led teams in Australia and Bangalore

Ben OLoghlin circle.png

Ben O'Loghlin
Company director

  • Business and software strategy 

  • Sales expert

  • Angel investor

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